Consulting Services
  • General digital strategy/marketing advice    

    • We will discuss where to start -   What are your business goals? Who is your target audience?  What are your budget constraints? Etc... Then we can create a plan. ​

  • Website design & development

    • Build it yourself? Pay to build it? Budget requirements? Time frame expectations?  I'll map out your options for you.

  • Setup, analyze and interpret analytics

    • Everything you do must be tracked.  Having the proper analytics in place will make sure you know what is working and what is not.  ​

  • Search engine optimization

    • Does it require a hefty investment? Does it take time? How much should you invest?  Should you do it yourself or hire someone?  The reality is that it's dependent on a number of different factors we'll have to discuss.  ​

  • Paid search marketing

    • Is it expensive? Can you do it yourself?  Google vs. Bing?  Retargeting? We will discuss all aspects of paid search, both the pros and the cons.  ​

  • Digital ad buys/execution

    • Do you have the budget for branding?  If so, what publishers should you use? What new innovative opportunities are out there?  What's a good investment level?  ​

  • Social media

    • Should you do it or not?  ​How do you do it?  

  • Act as your in-house digital marketing expert

    • After 18 years and countless number of projects and strategies, I can help your company navigate through this ever changing space.  ​

  • Assist with agency & publisher contract negotiations

    • I'll help you understand what you are taking on and the investment and level of expectations you should have.  ​

  • Participate in agency meetings and ask the questions you don’t know to ask

  • Handle new sales calls and make recommendations on what should be purchased 

  • Research and recommend new services that will benefit your business

What can I do for agencies?

  • Digital sales 101 training

    • You don't have to "sell" digital, it sells itself.  You have to sell a service that compliments a company's digital strategy.  This is about your clients, not you.  ​

    • Train on how to make sense of what you are offering so a customers knows what they are purchasing.   

  • Train on how to set and manage client expectations  

    • This is everything.  The wrong or right expectations can make or break your relationship with your clients.  ​

  • Offer 3rd party validation of the products and services being sold​​

Consulting Fees​​

$150.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Work experience
Digital Marketing Consultant

​2018 - present

Digital Marketing Manager

Heartland Automotive Services, Inc. dba. Jiffy Lube

​2015 - 2018

Digital Marketing Strategist/Consultant

​2008 - 2015

Consultant/Guest Speaker/Board of Advisors Member 
Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism at The University of North Texas

2010 - 2015

United States Marine Corps 

​1993 - 1997