Consulting Services
  • General digital strategy/marketing advice    

    • We will discuss where to start -   What are your business goals? Who is your target audience?  What are your budget constraints? Etc... Then we can create a plan. ​

  • Website design & development

    • Build it yourself? Pay to build it? Budget requirements? Time frame expectations?  I'll map out your options for you.

  • Setup, analyze and interpret analytics

    • Everything you do must be tracked.  Having the proper analytics in place will make sure you know what is working and what is not.  ​

  • Search engine optimization

    • Does it require a hefty investment? Does it take time? How much should you invest?  Should you do it yourself or hire someone?  The reality is that it's dependent on a number of different factors we'll have to discuss.  ​

  • Paid search marketing

    • Is it expensive? Can you do it yourself?  Google vs. Bing?  Retargeting? We will discuss all aspects of paid search, both the pros and the cons.  ​

  • Digital ad buys/execution

    • Do you have the budget for branding?  If so, what publishers should you use? What new innovative opportunities are out there?  What's a good investment level?  ​

  • Social media

    • Should you do it or not?  ​How do you do it?  

  • Act as your in-house digital marketing expert

    • After 18 years and countless number of projects and strategies, I can help your company navigate through this ever changing space.  ​

  • Assist with agency & publisher contract negotiations

    • I'll help you understand what you are taking on and the investment and level of expectations you should have.  ​

  • Participate in agency meetings and ask the questions you don’t know to ask

  • Handle new sales calls and make recommendations on what should be purchased 

  • Research and recommend new services that will benefit your business

What can I do for agencies?

  • Digital sales 101 training

    • You don't have to "sell" digital, it sells itself.  You have to sell a service that compliments a company's digital strategy.  This is about your clients, not you.  ​

    • Train on how to make sense of what you are offering so a customers knows what they are purchasing.   

  • Train on how to set and manage client expectations  

    • This is everything.  The wrong or right expectations can make or break your relationship with your clients.  ​

  • Offer 3rd party validation of the products and services being sold​​

Consulting Fees​​

$150.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Work experience
Hearst Media
Digital Sales Consultant
Heartland Automotive Services, Inc. dba. Jiffy Lube, 

Digital Marketing Manager

Owner, Dexterity Media 

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Dallas Morning News, Digital Sales Consultant

One Technologies, Social Media Manager

Co-Owner Kinetic Results

Digital Marketing Agency

Consultant/Guest Speaker/Board of Advisors Member 
Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism at The University of North Texas​

United States Marine Corps